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Zan'zan Rorcovski Renskov was a Prime Minister of Shadow Moon from 100 BBY-85 BBY.Zan'zan was born on 1,030 BBY on Shadow Moon in Expan'son City.He had a richest family in the city.The Zan'zan's dream was to become a Senator of Shadow Moon.

Zan'zan joined the Politic School.Then he finished college and became a 1,002 BBY,when it was a Prime Minister Elections,Zan'zan was among the candidates.After a two hours speech,people chooced Zan'zan as a new Prime Minister of Shadow Moon.

Zan'zan was healthy and a strong man.But soon,when he was working with his Ministers,he was shooted by a snipe that never got captured.

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