Yuska Voska Ponua was one of the Leaders of The Rise of Chen'gery Cartel.In Fifth Era,Yuska led

Yuska Voska Ponua

Chen'gery Cartel to attack Corrisa'ika (planet) in an Invasion on Corrisa'ika.Yuska was the co-founder of Rise of the Cghen'gery Cartel.He was respected Shad'ika.After one year when Chen'gery Cartel lost the battle,Yuska decided to go to Shadow Moon,where they will join Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic.Yuska died in the Second attack on kor'so'nary.He died as a brave man by saving people from building that was on fire.


Yuska was a brave but dangerous man.He wasnt a Hunter or a Killer.He was bold,tall man with green eyes.He was normal wieght.He was man that liked to be fit and strong.His favourit quote was:Never surrender.never give up,evrthing you do,is for your own sake.

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