'Warriors' was a Great Poem written by Tirun'uem Granter in Third Era in the times of First Tigerian Civil War.



They fought through many battles;

They fought for their side;

They fought for glory and respect;

They fought for their homes;

 They killed because they had to;

They fought because they needed to;

They found their courage;

The Heart of Courage;

They wanted to return to their families;

They wated to succeed and win;

They had their swords with them;

Their Heart of Courage;

They knew they wont return;

They knew that light is gone;

They knew what they were doing;

They knew where they will go;

They saw the black and in the end they saw the light;

They saw a shining man;

A man that guided them through life;

The man that gave them courage;

Heart of Courage.

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