A Warrant Officer is a military officer in the armed forces ranking above a non-commissioned officer (NCO) but below a commissioned officer. All four branches of the Sye'lla Massive Spatial Army have Warrant Officers. Warrant Officers serve as experts in a given field, and supervise and mentor enlisted service men and women in

S.M.S.A.Insigna and warrant officer insigna

that field.

In the US military, all branches but the US Air Force still use the WO ranks The WO ranks, from lowest to highest are: Warrant Officer 1, Chief Warrant Officer 2, Chief Warrant Officer 3, Chief Warrant Officer 4, and Chief Warrant Officer 5. WO1s are made officers by Secretary of their Department (issued a warrant), but CWOs are commissioned by Congress. Soldiers can become a Warrant Officer by volunteering for the Warrant Officer Candidate School.

Under military customs in the US, WOs are to be addressed as "Mister" or "Miss," though it is common practice for soldiers to address them as "Chief" (in the case of CWOs).

While most Warrant Officers are subject matter experts in their chosen field, many in the US Army are pilots. In fact, most US Army pilots are Warrant Officers, unlike other branches, where all pilots are commissioned officers.

Staff Seargent Second Lieutenant

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