Medieval-age 18823-1-

War of Valors

The first era biggest war is the war of the valor.That is after the Death of the Empress Alessia.The imperials decided to attack the nord because they were all destabilized.So they created a treaty that was saying that the nord are criminal and they deserves to be killed.So it was a really dark era.But a man,a Kail came and he was the first who revolt because all the man were scared of the death.Not this man.This man was the fifth emperor of Kiry .Mergulus Kail.The battle was 13 years.It was the army of Mergulus.The goal was to prove that the Nord are something and no just a bunch of idiots.So it was to prove the valor.Thats why we called it like that.

The cavaleryEdit

Mergulus Kail was the first who decided to create a big army who was riding horses.The previous army were all on their foot.So they won the war because of that.The imperials did never taught about that.So they were all destroyed.

Treaty of ValorEdit

The treaty of Valor was to send a message to the imperials that a new man was leading the planet and his name is Mergulus Kail.And now he name himself Emperor

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