Vampirism is a form of syndrome in Kiry that appeared in the second era.Vampirism comes in four s
180px-Vampire Eyes Dawnguard

Male Vampire eyes

tages of severity. The severity of the infection increases the longer the vampire goes without drinking blood. Sleeping humans can be fed on to keep the curse at bay. Spectators of a feeding become hostile and report the crime to guards.They are of course weaker against the sunlight,fire and other lighty things.They are alot and are dangerous.The DawnKnight are fighting against thems.The vampire becomes
180px-Vampire Eyes Skyrim

Female vampire eyes

more dangerous when they are 4 day vampire.Their eyes changes between female and men

Vampire                                          Edit

Whats funny is that on the secondary era,the vampires were just a little gang or mabye,only an inffection.But now on the Fourth era,they are totally a guild.They are the vampires.They have a few abillities.They can drain the life and take your life and thats give it to thems.They have a QG.Named Castle Vokihaar.The vampire became really problem after the civil war and they re-appeard on 4E.482.The King joskey put a high defence at the house.He also gaves credits, priority,special autorisation to destroy the vampire to the DawnKnight.

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