When the emperor dies, the Empire dies. Where is the lost empire's blood, the Empire's sire? And from

Urik Kail VII

the womb of the void, who shall stem the blood tide? So long as the blood of the god prince runs strong in her rulers, the glory of the Empire shall extend in unbroken years. His heart's blood bleeds in darkness. For once the portals are opened, who shall shut them upon the rising tide? ... forever reborn in blood and fire from the waters of hell for Lord Svendall ...Find him ... andv close shut the marble jaws of hell."
―Urik Kail VII
Urik Kail VII (3E 346433) was the twenty-first ruler of the Empire in Kiry


Urik Kail VII assumed the title of Emperor of Kiry when his father Paulo Kail died i 3E the twent

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