The Treaty of Valor is an important Treaty of the Secondary Era on Kiry.That was the ending of the [[War of Valors|War o

Treaty of Valors

f Valor]].This Treaty was not a shame for the imperial but it was to show their official defeat against the Mergulus Kail empire.The treaty was signed on the 2E 479.This treaty was sighn by the Emperor Mergulus  Kail and by the High Council of Kiry and by the High Chancellor Oigra.That treaty was to giving back the right to the nord.


The imperials are dismissed of their fonction.The nord are the main army of Kiry and they must be concidered like human.If someone is racist against the nord,they will go(if they are kid) 2 month of jail and if he is an adult,12 years.Everyone must be loyal to the new emperor.

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