Related events
Treaty of Corrisa'ika
Biographical information
Conflict The Great Siege on Shadow Moon
Proposed by Corrisa'ika (planet) Government
Date proposed Fifth Era 0 ABY
Date dissolved Beginning of Sisth Era
Physical description
  • Corrisa'ika Imperial Government
  • Shadow Moon Republic

Treaty of Corrisa'ika was an important treaty document signed by Shadow Moon Republic and Corrisa'ika Government in Fifth Era when the peace between Shadow Moon and Corrisa'ika was broken. In Fifth Era after the Battle of Yankorn IV, Shadow Moon formed to Republic and Corrisa'ika didn't want to ally with the Republic Government.Corrisa'ika contacted Shadow Moon and told them that Peace is no longer existing between them.After one month, Corrisa'ika Treaty was ready. As ones Corrisa'ika signed Shadow Moon Treaty, now Shadow Moon Republic signing the treaty of no longer allies with Corrisa'ika.After treaty was signed by all members of Shadow Moon Order, Corrisa'ika started the creation of a plan called Siege on Shadow Moon.

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