Tigerian Gladiator Arena

Date Built

Third Era,Second Century

Date Destroyed

Twentieth era


Yar'non Fty'yon


Gladiator Gya'swein Zar'karton

Tigerian Gladiator Arena was a Deadly Gladiator Arena placed on planet Tigeria in the capital city of Tigrana.The Arena was built by the order of Lian Tignor'dan in Third Era.more than 100 Tigerians  went there and watched the bloody battles between the Gladiators and the blood coming out of them.The Arena fights was the most popular events on Tigeria.Each Tigerian loves that.

Before the fight,Gladiators have to think out the plan and then go into the battle.The Arena has it owner and Heroes.If someone from tigerians was Hero of the Gladiator Arena,he was respectful person on Tigeria.From Third till Fourth Era,Arena got more than 2,000,000 Tigerian Tokens.

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