Third Nuclear War in Gorva'ika City


The Great Siege on Shadow Moon


Fifth Era 58 ABY


Fifth Era 58 ABY



Shadow Moon,Gorva'ika City


Third Nuclear War in Gorva'ika City also known as Revenge for the Corrisa'ika (planet),was a battle between Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic and Corrisa'ika Imperial Republic.After the Invasion on Corrisa'ika,Rise of the Chen'gery Cartel joined Shadow Moon and Corrisa'ika decided to drop a nuclear bomb on one of the famous so called Gorva'ika City,famous for it nuclear wars Nuclear War on Shadow Moon (Gorva'ika city).Corrisa'ika sent only threee bombers that passed the Shadow Moon blockade under the help of Corrisa'ika fleet.Starfighters dropped the bomb.It was a loud noice and the smoke was seeing from Kor'so'nary (capital city) and even Expan'son City.No one survived in Gorva'ika City.only 4 people was injured but soon died in hospital.

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