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The girl and the Forest

The girl and the forest

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The girl and the forest




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A storm day in a village located in the south side of kiry, a little girl named Arminia was bored. She was six years old and her parents died on a ship.It was a terrorist attack.Arminia went to a welcome familly.Her new parents were evils and bad.They dont wanted her to play outside and she was doing al the chorves of the house while they were playing at casino or with friends.A day she was tired of all that so the night,she went out of the house.It was the first time in 4 years she did.She went on the forest to walk a little bit.It was more than more darker and at a moment she started to be really scared because the sounds of the forest were not very reassuring.The creaking, squeaking of chairs, and then sudden ... nothing.Suddently,anything became dark.She could not even see the tips of her feet. She sat and then started to cry.That was the only sound of the forest. Then she felt that the forest was moving.she wanted to get up but a force was holding her back.She could'nt pull up. She could turn her head back and then she saw something that made her shout and yell 'then the forest became really bright and alot of hooded fly old women were flying arroun and then one of thems touched the girl on he shoulder.Shd became old, lost her skin and died. The day after when the villanger came to find her corpse, no one were sad.They were all smilling, her welcome parents (a month later), welcomed another child but this time, it was a boy...who was being sad and bored...and who decided to go off the house and go to the forest....END

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