The stone era is the perhistoric era.The man are walkiing for the first time on this planet and they are starting to built things only after 1,000,000,years later.The stone era is probably the elder era because some people are believes that the Light era never existed.The man are starting to invents things like bow,weapons,and rid horse.Everything they are doing is with stone.They are fighting with stone and are making houses with stone.So they soon understood that if it is a tempest,or a storm,you got a stone in your face so they invented the glue or something like that.Then they decided to invante bigger things like castle and more.The stone era was also the greated conquest.The mankind was feared by the other species and somepeople are saying that the dragon existed on this era.Probably ony rumors.This era ended with the discovery of Nirn by Mergulus Kail.

The light era Unknnow First Era

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