The Iconic-class heavy cruiser is a cruiser of the Sye'lla Massive Spatial Army.It is a class of light ship of a fleet created in the 2


0th era.It is a light ship that serves for the little battle.This ship has some few ships on it.At 1,190 meters, they are some of the largest and most powerful warships ever utilized by humanity, built as a replacement for their aging Halcyon-class light cruisers. Their numbers are limited, and they are usually commanded by the highest-ranking officers.


At 1190 meters long, Marathon-class heavy cruisers are approximately three times the length of a S.M.S.A.frigate. They are equipped with thick layers of Titanium-A armor, and are able to sustain far greater damage than any UNSC frigate or destroyer. Due to their size, durability and firepower (2 MACs as well as dozens of oversized lancer missile pods), these massive vessels are commanded by S.M.S.A.Admirals and primarily served as flagships for S.M.S.A.fleets.

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