The Great Restoration


Fifth Era,Third Century,70 ABY


Shadow Moon,Kor'so'nary (capital city),Gorva'ika City

Ordered by

Edgar El'dar Yusudar

The Great Restoration was so called an event and restoration on Shadow Moon after two bloody battles:Third Nuclear War in Gorva'ika City and Second Attack on Kor'so'nary.The restoration started in the beginning of Third Century in Fifth Era by the order of President Edgar El'dar Yusudar.People from Shadow Moon joined together and began restoring two cities,Kor'so'nary (capital city) and Gorva'ika City that were in ruins.While the restoration continued other cities of Shadow Moon was preparing a revenge to Corrisa'ika Imperial Republic.The Great Restoration was soon followed by futured Reformations in Sixtth Era after the Great Siege on Shadow Moon.

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