Taking Over the Lake Country


Shadow Moon,North Sea,Lake Country

Date of Beginning

Sixth Era 140 ABY

Date of End

Sixth Era 140 ABY


  • Lake Country's Victory
  • Pirates were been defeated


Taking Over the Lake Country was an event that took place in Sixth Era 140 ABY in Lake Country.It was an event that followed after the Battle of the North Sea.


Mar'na Pirate Cartel wanted to take over Kor'so'nary (capital city) but their first step was to take over the Lake Country.It was easy for big boats to break in the towns and destroy it.No one escaped from the city.Even Fishman Humans was held as a Prisoners of Pirates.The Take Over continued for one day,then Pirate occupated Lake Country.Every single house was burned.After serveral months,Shadow Moon Forces came to help.They've started a Clean Up Stage.All Pirates was killed,who survived was taken to the prison.

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