Sye'lla System
Region Empty Space
Sector Unknown Sector
  • Keer'Mando
  • Seer'Mando
  • Syel'lla
Space stations
  • The Remarkble Sword
  • Kiry Orbital station
  • Kion Orbital station
  • D'Vedr Orbital station
  • Yankor IV Orbital Station
  • Yankor IV Asteroid Belt
  • Dyadin'an Ways Asteroid Feild
Native species
Immigrated species Shad'ika

Sye'lla System is located inside the Galaxy Cortenus spell. The Sye'lla system was formed after a big explosion in empty space during The light era. After the explosion more than 100 planets were formed all of which had Type 1 breathable atmospheres. There were no mistakes in planets, but the Shadow Moon had her stratosphere broken. Shadow Moon's Stratosphere was full of danger.Many atomics and unknown fogs was in it.Soon it was known that the Shadow Moon's Stratosphere was dangerous to pass so that's why it was created a long tunnel starting from Startosphere and ending by the beginning of Traposphere.

Sye'lla System is full of colors and many stars and asteroid belts.There are many sectors and ways in Sye'lla system.There are also some person Space Territories in it. No one ever passed through the whole Sye'lla system. It has been called uncrossable and many explorers and smugglers tried and failed.

Shadow Moon,Yankor IV,D'Vedr and many more are the planets in Sye'lla system.Different species lives on different planets,some of them are humanoids some of them not.The most famous species in Sye'lla System are Shad'ika and the most famous language is Shad'ika'sika (language).Shadow Moon is the ruler of whole Sye'lla System.After Shadow Moon goes Kiry.

Local millitaryEdit

The millitary of the system is theSye'lla Massive Spatial Army and the government is Unified Sye'lla Government.

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