When I will walk the earth again, the Faithful among you shall receive your reward: to be set above all other mortals forever. As for the rest: the weak shall be winnowed: the timid shall be cast down: the mighty shall tremble at my feet and pray for pardon."


Svendall is probably the most powerfull god of Kiry. He was the god of the power and rage.He is the foe of all mortal races, and has attempted to conquer the physical world of Kiry many times. The common reasoning behind his many plots is his belief that Kiry is the shame of all the mortals.


When in the mortal realm, Svendall appeared as a gigantic demonic creature with red skin, yellow eyes and four arms, each one armed with a deadly weapon. One  arm had metal claws protruding from it's fist. Six horns adorned Dagon's bald skull and his pointed ears were pierced with large gold hoops. His entire body was scarred and tattooed with ritualistic markings. Sharp fangs lined his jaw, and he wore an armoured neck brace around his shoulders. His hands and feet were clawed and he frequently used them in battle to stomp on and crush his enemies. The second time he was seen, he adorned his dark armor, and wielded a red sword.

Great crisis IIEdit

The first era was terrible because he decided to get out of the boring god world and to attack the humanity.

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