Stormwarriors Armor is the light armor version of the armor worn by the Stormwarriors. This is the most common type of Stormwarriors  armor, and is worn by low ranking soldiers. It is has the same shape and style of a hold's guard armor that's blue instead of the color of the hold.

Stormwarriors SoldiersEdit

  • Stormwarriors Helmet
  • Hide Helmet
  • Scaled Helmet
  • Stormwarriors  Cuirass
  • Fur Gauntlets
  • Fur Boots

Stormwarriors  OfficersEdit

Stormwarriors Soldier's ArmorEdit

Stormwarriors CuirassEdit

The Stormwarriors Cuirass is the main piece of armor worn by stormwarriors soldiers.

It has a blue cloth that wraps around the quilted armor underneath it with leather belts fastening around the torso. It also has chain mail underneath the quilted part of the armor for extra protection. (Light Armor - Armor: 23 - Weight: 8 - Value: 25 credits.)

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