The Stormwarriors are a Faction in Kiry. They oppose the Imperial Legion and their attempts to force Kiry into an alliance with the mandalorians.

If you see any imperial tell it to me!
– Stormwarrior guard


The Stormwar believes Kiry should secede from what they feel is a crumbling Empire. This stance came about due to the aftermath of the Great War.


They were first led by the king of WindHold, but now they're being led by Joskey Kail.


There is a few division in that army. The Storm army is divided by the Guard, the special agents and the millitary.


  • Private
  • Seargent
  • Lieutenant
  • Capitain
  • Major
  • Commander
  • General
  • Head commander
  • King of the stormwarriors

War tactiqueEdit

They follow guerrilla hit-and-run tactics to overwhelm the larger Imperial armies. They are mostly non-regimental, not relying entirely on rank like the Imperial Army; Instead relying on the talent of powerful Nord warriors in their midst to achieve their goals. They are against all who have any ties to the Imperials and as such hate clans like the Kail. The Stormwarriors theoretically have weaker defensive, but stronger offensive capabilities than the Legion; their use of armour is lighter and thus not as tough, but the Stormwarriors use a wider variety of weapons to make up for this.


See also:Stormwarriors Armor and Stormwarriors Officer Armor

Stormwarriors armor is basic light armor. It is the same armor set worn by Hold Guards.


The stormwarrior Headquarter is of course Snowhold.They are starting all their operation there.


All new initiates to the Stormwarriors must recite the Oath: "I do swear my blood and
honor to the service of Joskey Kail
King of Snowhold and true High King of Kiry.
As Aok'mir is my witness, may this oath bind me
to death and beyond...
...even to my lord as to my fellow brothers
and sisters in arms.
All hail the Stormwarriors, the true sons
and daughters of Kiry!"

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