Sociocultural characteristics
  • English Basic
  • Snadral'sika
Height of average adult 1,99 meters
Average lifespan 150 years
Physical characteristics
Skin color Dark or Light Blue
Hair color Typically none or white
Eye color Brown or Red
  • Outmusclesed
  • Tough skinned

Snowhumans also known as Snawlanden'ran was a famous species on planet Jeradia.Snowhumans have only the colonies on Jeradia in Shadow Moon Territory.Snaowhumans on Jeradia lives in the city and outside the city.The outsiders are Snowhumans that were banished from their home.Snowhumans and Human species have a lot in common and they do like each other.Arktandidtra,is the homeworld of Snowhumans.Snowhuman's bodies are blue and all the muscles can be seeing.The founder of Snowhumans was counted a Traveler named Ranger'andson Neel.

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