CRE Слизер-10c90846 sml





Height of average adult

20 meters

Average lifespan

200 years

Skin color


Hair color

Typically none

Eye color

Brown or Black

Slizirians was the funny and medium species that lived on planet Figrona together with Gorrillians.Slizirians was a free meal to Gorrillians,so many of Slizirians prefered to live under the ground so they will no get caught.Slizirians are smart species that can think faster of any creature in Sye'lla System.They are violet so sometimes,Gorrillians can garble Slizirians with violet fruit they have on Figrona.Slizirians dont have legs but they can move faster than Gorrillians.Slizirians been called Survivors of Figrona,because only they can live among the Gorrillians and survive.

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