Sixth Era

Galactic Era

First Century

The Great Restoration

Second Century

Reorganizing to Shadow Moon Democratic Republic

Third Century

The Great Purge of Humans


The Great Reorganization


Ial'tur Husk'ajan



Important events

Sixth Era 100 ABY-200 ABY also known as Great Restoration Era started from Second Great Restoration and the end of The Great Siege on Shadow Moon and ended by The Great Purge of Humans.

First CenturyEdit

Second CenturyEdit

Third EraEdit

  • Shadow Moon Senate Order has more than 99 Senators from each planet
  • Shadow Moon becomes a power and a capital city of Sye'lla System
  • Corrisa'ika (planet) becomes a Slave Empire under command of Minister of Shadow Moon
  • All Corrisa'ika Citizens became Slaves
  • Shadow Moon President orders to create a plan that will lead the the Great Purge of Humans of Two Middle Territories of Shadow Moon,where all Humans in human Middle World will die
  • Shad'ika Middle World allies with each other and creating an army against Human Middle World
  • The Great Purge of Human began
Fifth Era 100 years Seventh Era

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