The Siroy are a very dangerous non-sentient species that live on Kion and have spreaded to many other planets, including Shadow Moon.

The mutated species, Siroy.


The Siroy were originally a project by the Reptoid  to create the best bodyguards, it failed and created the Siroy, meaning in the Reptoid  language, Shadow Demon, it is not clear how they escaped Kion, but have since appeared on planets like Grigoria, Jeradia and Shadow Moon and are quickly spreading, the Ionorix hunt them for sport.


The Siroy have the ability to turn invisible, climb on walls and have suprisingly strong reflexes and physical strength.  They're eyes are blue, its skin is metallic black and they have no hair.  They do not need oxygen to survive and they feed off of Shadows and beams of Light.

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