A silver-meeting is  a meeting of representatives from each Hold of Kiry  that typically takes place when the High King  dies.

Its purpose is to choose the next High King from qualified members of the royal family or in the event where no direct heir to the throne exists a king may be choiced.


The people who assist the moot are the King of each hold who are comming and decide by a vote who will be the next High King.The king can of course vote for themself but they cannot buy votes.

First era(treachery)Edit

It already happened in the First era.Someone,a king, Gallucius rolls wanted to be elect.But his village, Kynpoole was nothing but a mine.So he bough the vote of 5 king and to be elect,you must have 6 vote.So he voted for himself.First,he became a High king.And then the people started to wondering how does respected King could voted for an idiot like him.So it was the begining of the 2 Faces inspection.13 Years later,the imperials special services had enough proof to demote him of his persitgious rank. 

Fourth EraEdit

At the fourth era,Joskey Kail,King of SnowHold,asked to the other King for a silver-meeting.He got the answer of all the king and they all accepted.They elected Joskey.It was the best silver- meeting of ever.There is rumors that they were all okay with the fact of Joskey at the head of the 9 hold.It is the first time.

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