Ships Grave Yards was a bloddy and scary place on snowy planet of Jeradia.More th

The Eliminator crahed on Jeradia

an 1,000 ships crashed on that same placed.It been called Grave Yards since it got 900 ships destroyed.someone says that there could even be ghosts in that place.Even Cleaner Men are afraid to go there.There are a lot of boddies lying in there.


In the beginning of Third Era,one of Cruisers called The Eliminator crashed there and no one survived.After that,many more cruisers began crashing there.In Fourth Era 22 BBY,800 falled there.More than 1,000,000 people died and no one knew who they were.Soon,Snowhumans,called that place a Ship Grave Yards and they spotted ghosts there.Most of the civilization on Jeradia was scared.who lived nearby that placed,moved to the other part of the planet.

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