Chakra man1

The affection central

 The affection central can be use by all the kiryan but it is not all the power that a normal men can use

.Normally you can use the power a specific number of time in a day.


The first part of the power is the more frecantly.It is the red energy.Any one can do it with a little technic.

number of time you can do it on a day:20x


You can teleport yourself anywhere and anytime but you can use it 4x in a day.The sentinels are the only who are train for it.You can learn it but not officially

The battle power.Edit

The king Joskey Kail was the only to creat it.It is use by the higher peoples and the jedi.This is the power.:

Theres is the power of battle

The mental powerEdit

The mentals power are used by the people with a good mental QI.Control the mind of peoles,Control tems,Talk in the head of someone.

All the powerEdit

The last one is the best one.You can have a second energy power on have all the power before that one.The only people who could use it are the Kail familly.

  • Force push
  • Wing(fly)
  • Look under  the basements without to be in.
  • The sentoryuu (Can sprint at the sonic speed)

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