The Correctors are a team of users who are good at english and who can help  us to correct the grammatical error on the pages.The mostly of em'have Rollback

Duties and privilegesEdit

  • Active seeking of information
  • Correct and coherent use of English
  • Use of proper wiki-formatting
  • Writing original content to represent information found elsewhere
    1. Sourcing this information correctly, using references
    2. They also can put a  ((revert))on the pages that they controlled or corrected
    3. They aso can use the Rollback

Active seeking of informationEdit

The most important task of the correctors is to correct the new pages added on the wiki.They must be really good at english to correct every grammatical errors on the

Correct and coherent use of EnglishEdit

Just as in any wiki article, correct and coherent use of English is important, so that a reader can fully understand what a news story is communicating.

Use of proper wiki-formattingEdit

Again, this is important for clarity to the reader. A nicely laid out news article with properly position images is far easier to interpret than one in which text has random line-breaks, and images are in unconventional places.

If an editor wishes to be a part of the news team, but feels that he/she does not yet conform with all of the 3  points above, they are highly encouraged to seek help.

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