Chat Moderators are wiki users who keep watch over the chat room and have the power to kick and ban u from the Special:Chat.


  • Keep watch over the chat making sure the chat guidelines are being followed.
  • Answer questions regarding editing and policies (pointing users to correct pages).
  • Issue a warning before kicking/banning someone from chat. (Kicking a user from chat, just because they asked to be is not permitted.)
  • Resolving conflict diplomatically.
  • Maintain an overall mature and friendly demeanor when interacting with other users.

Maintaining chat moderator statusEdit

  • Chat moderators who have not monitored the chat in exactly 30 days are considered inactive. Inactive chat moderators will lose their chat moderator rights and will no longer be displayed on our staff list unless they can prove the have made a steady return.
  • Chat moderators who abuse the kick/ban feature will have their chat moderator status removed automatically. They can petition to have it returned on the requests page.

List of chat moderatorsEdit


The minimum requirements for becoming a chat moderator are:...

  • ... You have not been site-blocked or chat-banned for a period of at least three months.
  • ... You have been continuously active on the wiki, and in the wiki’s chat.
  • ... You must be familiar with the wiki's editing policies and practices.
  • ... Have at least 100 edits. If most edits are forum posts, they should be helpful and not only off-topic.
  • ... You have been endorsed by at least one active administrator.
  • ... You have been seen to be helpful around the wiki.
  • Creating/editing the page almost everydays.

Request to become a chat moderatorEdit

If you meet the requirements above you will need to submit your application on the Chat Moderators request page. Describe why you would like to become a chat moderator what your major contributions have been thus far.

When your request has been posted, the community will be able to discuss whether or not you should be made chat moderator. The final decision will be up to the administrators after the community has had its say.

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