The Shadow Moon Steam Railway was built around 3,000 BBY, at the request of the citizens of the Shadow Moon, to provide a quick, safe link between the capital city of Kor'so'nary and Expan'son City, a distance of around 6960 kilometers. It was also solicited by the Prime Ministers of both cities, with the Prime Minister of Expan'son City saying that it would be a great source of income, and help build up relations with the Kor'so'nary Republic.

The 6960 km railway took about 10 years to build. The majority of those years consisted of figuring out how to build a station at Water City, which was eventually solved with an above-ground station that had bridges connecting to the city. Also, the railway was constantly sabotaged by thieves and insurgents who wanted to use the materials made especially for the Railway for their own uses (once they stole one of the locomotives, leading to a one-day, 4,000 km chase all over the railway before the locomotive ran out of fuel and the insurgents captured). Eventually however, the railway was opened, to great fanfare, by the Prime Ministers of Kor'so'nary and Expan'son City.

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Locomotives / Rolling StockEdit

-Locomitve number 1, an 0-6-0 saddletank engine, built around 3,100 BBY. Used in the construction of the Shadow Moon Steam Railway. Was stolen by insurgents during construction. Station Pilot for Kor'so'nary Central Station

-Locomotive number 2, an 0-6-0 Tender Engine, built around 3050 BBY for a proposed railway in Water City that was never built. Also used during constuction. Currently Station Pilot for Expan'son City.

-Locomotive number 3, a 2-6-2 Tender Engine, built in 3,004 BBY specifically for the Shadow Moon Steam Railway. Found too small for normal passenger or freight services. Currently used in Work Train services and short 10 km passenger runs.

-Locomotive number 4, a 2-8-2 Tender Engine, built in 3,001 BBY. Pulled the first train on the Shadow Moon Steam Railway. Currently used in Freight and wartime service.

-Locomotive number 5, a streamlined 4-8-4 Tender Engine, built in 2,999 BBY. Fastest locomotive on the railway, being capable of speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour. Currently used in fast, non-stop passenger services between Kor'so'nary and Expan'son City.

-Coaches 100-104, a series of heavyweight coaches built for the railway. Delievered and used on opening day. Used with locomotive number 3 on local trains.

-Coaches 105-110, a series of lightweight coaches built in 2,999 BBY for the railway. Used with locomotive number 5 on fast passenger services.

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