Shadow Moon Spacestation

Shadow Moon Space Station was a large Space Station placed in Shadow Moon Space above the Shadow Moon nearby the Denualka (Star) . It was created in Fourth Era in the times of Shadow Moon Wars. Shadow Moon Spacestation, also known as Shadow Moon Orbital Station has more than 100 spacedocks to different directions of Sye'lla System. Shadow Moon Space Station been once attacked by Corrisa'ika fleet in Fifth Era,Second Century.


The Space Station owner was Zan'zan R.R. He ordered to built the large space station above the Shadow Moon. Space Station defended Shadow Moon many times,including in Shadow Moon Wars and Second Shadow Moon Civil War. After the death of Zan'zan,Iajuut Oang Yoat continued the contruction and ordered to continue building it until it will be the best station in Sye'lla System History. The main constructer of the station was Si'a'ith Yankar.

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