Shadow Moon Revolution


Shadow Moon

Date of Beginning

Fourth Era 0 BBY


The Shadow Moon Oligarchy Empire's rule and the Prime Minister's rule continued for more than Three Eras,from First Era to Fourth Era.Civilians was tired of having the same rule and laws.They've started a rebellion aganst the government which was sudden to Shadow Moon Parliament

Primary Goal

  • Destroy Shadow Moon Parliament
  • To take over the Empire
  • Reorganize Empire to Republic


Shadow Moon Revolution was a Great Event that was taking place in Fourth Era 0 BBY when Shad'ika became revolutionaries and started a revolution against the government of Shadow Moon.They all srarted a rebellion against Prime Minister's Rule.Civilians wanted a New Republic and a new leader,President.All Shad'ika from Middle World came to join the rebellion.Kor'so'nary (capital city) was urrounded by the Rebellion forces which was hard to break.


After the death of Iajuut Oang Yoat in 22 BBY,Civilians started to write a plans against the government.The creating of plans took them 22 years and in 0 BBY that began a Revolution.Shadow Moon Order was untouched but all their members were afraid that the Order will be ruined.People mostly attacked Shadow Moon Parliament.All the members of Parliament was threatened that the Parliament will be burned and the civilians will take over.Minister of Shadow Moon couldnt risk thousands of lives.He decided to surrender to rebells.On the main square Minister accepted to reorganize Shadow Moon Oligarchy Empire to Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic.

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