Shadow Moon First President Election was the greatful  day for all the Shad'ika and whole Shadow Moon .It was the Second President Election after the death of Antonionson Gar Yusudar.In Sixth Era,101 ABY,evrybody came to Kor'so'nary to see who will be the Third President of Shadow Moon.


There were six candidates and after all,only three made it to the Main elections.Among the candidates was:Kar'san Sea'attle,Denar Tyaronto,Wein'ten Piska and Ial'tur Husk'ajan .All four made it the final elections.People was voting for the best man who can protect and rule them.There were only one day for people to vote,all the Shadow Moon was voting.Two months later,on Internation News,at least people knew that Kar;san  got 100 votes,Sea'attle got 1,987,678,555 votes,Wein'ten got 2,000,000 votes and at least Ial'tur got 1,000,000,000,000,000 votes.Ial'tur became the Third President of Shadow Moon.Ial'tur Husk'ajan became a President of Shadow Moon.

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