Shadow Moon First President Election was the greatful and happiest day for all the Shad'ika and whole Shadow Moon .It was an event,when Shadow Moon was reorgonized to Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic and the end to Prime Minister's Rule.People wanted to become much stronger government so they can be the real rulers of Sye'lla System.In First Era,in 3,656 BBY,there were a President,he left a rule to the first Prime Minister Kill'Arr Kino'paiva Gurfglider.In Fifth Era,1 ABY,evrybody came to Kor'so'nary to see who will be the First President of Shadow Moon.


There were eight candidates and after all,only four made it to the Main elections.Among the candidates was:Benwill Oang Yoat,son of Iajuut Oang Yoat,Zikenfarg Gredrown,former MINISTER of Shadow Moon,Sien'Rien Coska,the politican of Kiry and Edgar El'dar Yusudar .All four made it the final elections.People was voting for the best man who can protect and rule them and make Shadow Moon much better than it was as an empire.There were only one day for people to vote,all the Shadow Moon was voting.Two months later,on Internation News,at least people knew that Benwill got 1,234,567 votes,Zikenfarg got 999,569 votes,Sien'Rien got 2,000,000 votes and at least Edgar El'dar Yusudar got 1,000,000,000,000 votes.Edgar became the FIRST President of Shadow Moon.Edga got so many votes,because in the past,he used to be a politican that safed a lot of lives and citites on Shadow Moon.Edgar El'dar Yusudar,became a President of Shadow Moon.

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