Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic
Political information
Type of government Oligarchy Neutral Republic
Founding document Treaty of Corrisa'ika
Constitution Shadow Moon Constitution
Head of State President
Commander-in-chief Feild Marchal of the Shadow Moon Grand Army
Executive branch Shadow Moon Council
Legislative branch Shadow Moon Order
Judicial branch Shadow Moon Court
Societal information
Capital Shadow Moon
Official language
Currency Shad'ika'cred Credits
National holiday Shadow Moon Day
Anthem Shad'ika Minn'ika Grat'ita Isk
Historical information
Date established Fifth Era 1 BBY
Date fragmented Sixth Era 152 ABY

Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic formely Shadow Moon Mandalorian Imperial Oligarchy was a Republic of a Shadow Moon in Fifth Era.After Breaking Up with Mandalorians and Treaty of Corrisa'ika Shadow Moon became a Republic by the order of the first President in 1 ABY.

In that year,Shadow Moon also became a neutral to Corrisa'ika (planet) and it government.Shadow Moon became stronger government after the President came on throne.All deptments to Corrisa'ika was closed.Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic was still called Oligarchy became the Minister of it was the man from Expan'son City.

All the councils remained as well so as Mand'Alor Council that was renamed to Soul Idles Council and all the Imperial names was reorgonized to Republic.The founding document of Republic was also the Treaty of Corrisa'ika unfortunatly.

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