Shadow Moon Frigate class A-800 is a famous frigate on Shadow Moon used in many battles includ


ing Battle for Shadow Moon (Cold War). A-800 was created by Neivoi'ika Shipyards. A-800 was controlled by the famous Admiral Omhan Ohana Ortol who died in the Second Shadow Moon Civil War .


A-800 was designed and created by Neivoi'ika Shipyards. It was used in the  Battle of Sye'lla System. A-800 Frigates were used in Battle of Shadow Moon and Battle of Kion. There were a lot of them. In the end of 100 BBY A-800 was out of order and Neivoi'ika Shipyards didn't continue creating those models but in 22 BBY the production re-started from Gaul'zharn Shipards.

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