Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic
Political information
Type of government Democratic Republic
Founding document Treaty of Expan'son City
Constitution Shadow Moon Constitution
Head of State President
Commander-in-chief Feild Marchal of the Shadow Moon Grand Army
Executive branch Shadow Moon Senate Council
Legislative branch Shadow Moon Senate Order
Judicial branch Shadow Moon Court
Societal information
Capital Shadow Moon
Official language
Currency Shad'ika Tokens
National holiday Shadow Moon Day
Anthem Shad'ika Minn'ika Grat'ita Isk
Historical information
Date established Sixth Era 152 ABY
Date fragmented Unknown

Shadow Moon Democratic Republic formely Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic was a Republic of Shadow Moon in Sixth Era.After the Second Shadow Moon Revolution,Oligarchy Republic been reoganized to Democratic Republic because the Rebellion in Expan'son City led to war,so Governor signed the Treaty of Expan'son City and Shadow moon became Democratic Republic under the command of President  Ial'tur Husk'ajan and Senators.There's been a new law after all,that each planet must have their own senator who will represent thei planets.Shadow Moon Order been reorganized to Shadow Moon Senate Order and Shadow Moon Council to Shadow Moon Senate Council.There was a new flag and a new currency,Shad'ika Tokens.

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