This Constitution shall be done in one year. First Era, next year will be the deadline of it, if you won't finish, I'll ask someone else and he'll do it in time. Mark my words, the constitutions shall be written and posted so all the citizens can follow the laws and rules!

Kill'Arr Kino'paiva Gurfglider

The Shadow Moon Constitution was the founding document and highest set of la

Constitution Cover

ws in the Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic. The Constitution was written in First Era but re-written in Fifth Era  by a member of Shadow Moon Order to unify the Shadow Moon Space and Kiry Space. There is evidence that, as time went on, the Constitution was continually modified to grant more power to the central government.


The Constitution was an important document to whole Sye'lla System. Shadow Moon Constitution was counted as a constitution for every planet in Sye'lla System including Corrisa'ika (planet) that felt in war with Shadow Moon in Fifth Era. The constitution was written by a member of Shadow Moon Order. He was the one who found allies between Kiry and Shadow Moon. It cantained more than 400 rules and laws. The constitution was in safe hands of Shadow Moon Court and sometimes in President's hands.

Early HistoryEdit

The First Shadow Moon Constitution was written in First Era by Shadow Moon Council by the order of Shadow Moon's First Shadow Moon Prime Minister Kill'Arr Kino'paiva Gurfglider. He ordered Shadow Moon council to write first constitution  for Sye'lla System so all the citizens can follow the laws. When constitution was written, it only contained 100 rules and laws. One year later, it reached 600 rules and laws that soon were taken away.

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