Serana is the goddess of the fire. She is also the one who decided to create a mortal plan. She is now one of the Divines of Kiry.


The godess leader Serana had created a number of planes for the gods to inhabit, but not all of them were content. One of them was named Onoiida. This plane was created for nothing the god hated this plane who knows why. So Serana asked to the other to create a plane so that another form of life was born. Of all the 999 god existing, only 136 god agreed, but it was perfect. So they started to create this world. This planbe was surprisely wonderful and the other gods were really jealous. So they decided to attack the 136 god and take the control of this plane. But the problem was that the 136 god were the 136 great gods. They were the most powerful gods to ever exist. So they destroyed the other easely. And they continued theire oeuvra. The job was complete and the planet was done.Soon after,the god decided to create the manKind.And let thems be and and care with their evolutionis.Thoses 136 god were attack later by other god but the others were a really powerfull gang of god and the battle was won by the first god but only 9 god of the 136 still alive.They also closed the portal to the god main plane.They decided to go with the planet at a place that no other god would find.They only find a little galaxy named Sye'lla System .So they dropped the planet there and they are now a shield to protect the planet against the other god.They created another plane for thems named Sandorra.They are now the divines of kiry.This place is the place where the people are dying are going.The god had to find a name to give for this planet.They decided to name it Kiry meaning live on god language.


Serana is a pretty girl and she is old like 493,00,00 years old like every god but she is looking really young.She look's like a 22 years old girl.She has a black hair and she is not really tall.

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