Secondary Era

Galactic Era

The Government Creation

First Century

Shadow Moon Council

Second Century

Creation of Organizations

Third Century

Civil War


Civil War

Prime Minister(s)


Important events

Secondary Era in Sye'lla System its a era that took place in 3,000 BBY-2,000 BBY.Its starts from Attack on Kor'so'nary (Creation of Shadow Moon Council) and ends in First Shadow Moon Civil War.

First CenturyEdit

Second CenturyEdit

  • Plans of Shadow Moon Civil War releaved
  • Execution of Attackers on Kor'so'nary.
  • Elections of Prime Minister fallsby the resistance attack.
  • Thinking of a Monarchy on Kiry.
  • (Kiry) The vampires appeared.
  • The Mage Guild is formed
  • Emperor Solus III died.
  • The silver-meeting is called

Third CenturyEdit

First Era 3,000 BBY-2,000 BBY Third Era

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