Second Shadow Moon Revolution


Shadow Moon

Date of Beginning

Sixth Era 152 ABY


Citizens of Shadow Moon was tired of having their Republic as Oligarchy one.They wanted simple Democratic Republic.They decided to go to Expan'son City where they started a Revolution against the ally between Expan'son oligarchy Government and Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic.

Primary Goal

  • Take over Expan'son City
  • To reorganize Shadow Moon from Oligarchy to Democratic Republic


  • Governor of Expan'son City signed the Treaty hat Shdow Moon will no longer ally with Expan'son government
  • Shadow Moon was reorganized to Democratic Republic

Second Shadow Moon Revolution was and event that took place in Sixth Era 152 ABY in Kor'so'nary (capital city) on Shadow Moon.The Government of Shadow Moon was Oligarchy Republic (Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic,people was tired that because of Expan'son City,Shadow moon is Oligarchy.So they started a Revolution.


It all started that people was tired that because of Expan'son City,Shadow moon Republic is Oligarchy.All citizens wanted Shadow Moon to be a simple Republic,Democratic Republic.They all went to President Ial'tur Husk'ajan asking for help.Presiden couldnt do anything.People went to Expan'son City themselfs.They started a Revolutionand Rebellion there.Expan'son Government thought it was only matter of time.But it wasnt.People started to blow up buildings and buning expensive things.Governor of Expan'son City was tired of all the battles and stopped Revolution by stopping the allies between Shadow Moon.From that day,Shadow Moon became a Shadow Moon Democratic Republic.

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