Second Attack on Kor'so'nary


The Great Siege on Shadow Moon


Fifth Era 65 ABY


Fifth Era 66 ABY


Treaty of Corrisa'ika


Shadow Moon,Kor'so'nary (capital city)


Second Attack on Kor'so'nary was an invasion on capital city of Kor'so'nary (capital city) placed in Shadow Moon that was set by a Corrisa'ika Imperial Republic and it Mercenaries.It was in Fifth Era,second century.Corrisa'ika hired Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters that was sent to Shadow Moon,to Kor'so'nary.After the Third Nuclear War in Gorva'ika City,it was very sudden for Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic that Corrisa'ika will take no mercy and keep attacking Shadow Moon.President Edgar El'dar Yusudar led his forces into the Battle.Among them was Sye'lla Massive Spatial Army and Sye'lla Massive Marine Army.


Corrisa'ika Prime Minister had to hired best Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters that could work for fotune and make a lot of damage to Shadow Moon.There were 100 Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters that accepted no mercy.They were dangerous and all together they passed Shadow Moon Blockade.There is very important treaty between Mercenaries and Corrisa'ika.So called,Hunters and Corrisa'ika Treaty.

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