The god dimension is the place where all the gods are living.
North Sea

God dimension

Its a kind of place only them can acces without a skypass .That place is in the sky of all the planets and in their ground. ((Find the God dimension is like to try to find the paradise.Look in the sky,look the birds,look the groud,look the animals,and then look at yourselfs.try to look who you are underneath,and then look in the sky again and look the door of the dimension))-Unknow.


The kingdom of the dawn is the kingdom of all the gods.This is a place where all the hero of the mandalorian system's are.That's looks like's a big house with a wonderfull background of forest,animals and water.This is the neutral zone of all the god.That is the only place where the canot fight.That is the rules they made 1000 years ago.Theres are not alot of god who are theres like more than 10000 but we dont know thems all but i am gonna talk about the category


First category.the human who became god

second category The gods.

third midd god.


Pymolous pymolous joined Sandorra(the dimension of the gods) 400 years ago.The guy is the god of the water so he can enter ine the subcategory of the kind of god.

He is an elemantal.

Now we have the wonderfull goddess of the beuty;Labrinie.She came in Sandorra after that she keld a tousand of people because she witched them with her beuty.

Aok'mi'r malakata The god of the knowelge.He is the only god who is not really bad.He was the protector of Joskey kail.

Olaf Kolriek he is the good of the pride,the vengence and the envy.He dont really cares aboot nothings because the human's problem dont interest him.

Saakorii he is the god of the slot.He dont really cares about the humans but when some people bother him well he has no compations.He kill.

Lokmot'or.Probably the terible god of all of thems.He kill he kill and he kill for his own sake.

well i am done with the gods for now.If someone created others tell me

Akator'es god of the war.He is a mysterious god but what we know is that he love killing.

Alvida god of the darkness sister of Aora,god of the light

There is the god of Sandorra

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