Sand is a sand moon.It is one of the Kiry  moon.It has been conolized by the Shad'ika of the Shadow Moon for the steal,scarce and mining.

Orbit/Alignment Moon of Kiry
Colonization 2050
Factions/Powers Main army
Regions Sallaris
Moons None yet




Since colonization, Sand has had a twisted and often bloody history characterized by oppression, wars, tyrants, conflicting interests and lies. But in every conflict there have been heroes, and the enterprising spirit and the strength of the first colonists still lives on in many of its children.

Slave of Milek and Shad'ika uprisingEdit

The goal of the Shadow Moon was to create settlement,population and town like on the Shadow Moon.The Problems was that Milek Cor,the general of the main police,started to be rude and to fight against th
e population.He wanted to become rich and to fight the shadow moon council.He created the S.T.W.A gang with all the police who were fighting

Construction and settlement

and killing all the resisnent population who were trying to staying a Shad'ikan of the Shadow moon.This organization was destoyed 203 years after his creation.Milek was really creasy and he started to do slave with the population.They were completly used for the S.T.W.they were more armed and had gears so the Shad'ika could do nothing.Every man were miners because on sand,you have to be miner.So the Shadow moon sent their army.While they were attacking the S.T.W.,the miners revolted and they started to attack the guard.After this battle,the army became the local police of the moon.It was the begining of the first counter-attack of sand.They destroyed every command center of the STW..Unfortunately for the civilians and miners, Shadow Moon began to run out of their natural resources and needed to secure its supply. The S.M.D.F. became ever more controlling, eventually establishing martial law and soon began to limit the rights of the civilians and miners in the solirs region. Corruption festered within its ranks, the S.M.D.F. itself controlled by the corporations like the AkuroCorporation.

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