SMFC  Fleet Command, colloquially known as FLEETCOM, is the primary operations group of theSye'lla Massive Spatial Army, responsible for ship deployment, mission structures, and space operations. It is subordinate to the Sye'lla Massive Marine Army. All naval vessels report through FLEETCOM and the commanding admirals of the SMSA.

Special Operations CommandEdit

The special Operatiorn Branch command is the branch of the special troops like the spy, sniper and others.


The headquarter of the FLEETCOM is in the Shadow Moon mountain sector and well hide inside of the mountains.It is really hard to find

Fleet ShipsEdit

FLEETCOM controls a variety of different types of ships and vessels, each designed and utilized in battle-specific roles in interstellar warfare. Below is a comprehensive listing of some of the types of vessels that are incorporated in a standard UNSC fleet:

Fleet Command radioEdit

The FLEETCOM has a radio post that cover every planet and colony of the Sye'lla System.

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