Ruby is a divine of Kiry.He is one of the older divines and he is also a survivor of the 136 founders.He is one of the male divine and he is really prayed on Rubyshire,of course.Each divines have their own village.With their name.Like serana,he is one of the divine who built Kiry he also have the power to talk and the power to have an human forms.There is 4 divines who can do that.

First eraEdit

One the first era,Ruby appeared like a big ruby on the sky and he was talking to Svendall in his own language.(divine anguage)He was warning him to stop his action imediatly or the gods will destroy him.Svendall told him that he is more powerfull than the god now.Ruby told him that he'll send someone who will stop svendall.


Ruby is a divine who is probably one of the most powerful and he would be probably able to become a god but he prefer to stay and keep his eyes on Kiry.He is normally really calm and he is a wise man.He is probably 45 years old but in fact,he is older than serana.He believes that serana is the most powerfull Dvine of Kiry.He is one of the few god who dont interfer in the man story but when svendall entered world,he started to try to interfer

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