Rodrigez Henrique is a captain of the guard of Snowhold.Hewwas first fighting for the stormwarriors and he was on the army the nord.

Rodrigez Henrique

Early lifeEdit

As a captain of the special forces at 11 years old,Henrique is really different from the other boy of  his old.He is better than thems on anything.He is better on archery,sword,leadership,commander,strategy and thievery.He was also a priest.So at every sunday,he was giving the speech of Crystal to the fellow.On a little village named gogry,the peace was the prioncipal thing of that village.No one was fighting against each other,no battle never a war until 204 years.But it was on the begining of the secondary era that the war started there.The legion went up there and started to rule the contry.So they did almost 15 years.All thoses year was a real hell for the grogrians.They were really exploited and they had not right.

Mergulus Kail   arrive!Edit

Mergulus arrived after the 16 years of hell.He came with his army and destroyed the oppression.He was a loyal man but he doubt of the trut intention of him King to take off the imperials.He asked alot of questions about how the army was fighting,what was the captains of the army.So after 1 years of good trainning,the other captains and commander nemed him commander because he earned a good leadership,he was a beast on the fight and he was good on strategy.And then,least than a month,the War of Valors started.

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