Rescue from Fort Kastav is a mission of the civil war.
256px-Fort kastav


Legate Henrique has sent me to Fort Kastav. I am to meet up with some scouts who will help me break into the fort's prison. I will then break out some fellow Legionnaires held captive there and take over the fort."


The imperials took some rebels and made them prisonners.They  wanted to do a trap so that the Stormwarriors would come and gets kill by the over number of Imperial.The mission was a succes.The Stormwarriors lost the battle.


Fort Kastav Captain's QuartersEdit

The higher part of the room contains a bed, an end table with a skill book and a ladder leading outside to the roof of the building with an altar. A chest is found in the lower section of the room as well as a key of the Fort Kastav Prison.

Fort Kastav PrisonEdit

The prison can be entered from the courtyard and from a grate outside the fort near the southern wall. The prison itself contains beds for the soldiers and guards and five cells similar in style to those found in other forts such as Fort Neugrad.

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