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Ranger'andson Neel was a famous Shadow Moon Traveler that Traveled across the Sye'lla System and discovered many interesting species,stars,moons,asteroids and planets.Ranger was born in The light era in Empty Space before the Sye'lla System was created.Ranger was flying in Empty Space for centuries and then he falled down on Shadow Moon where the civilization was growing.

Ranger became a famous man after falling from the sky,now one knew how he got there and how he was flying there for centuries.Soon,Ranger grown up and decided to leave Shadow Moon in search of new civilization.Ranger,was the first man who created a star ship and went to travel in space.

After years of traveling,in The Stone Era,Ranger finnaly discovered Snowhumans Species and planet Jeradia,that was the last thing discovered by Ranger.Ranger also had a dairy which reamined till the Fifth Era.Ranger was last seeing on Shadow Moon.There are rumors that Ranger left Sye'lla System and flied far away in search of another galaxy.

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