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Neivoi'ika Shipyards was the shipyards located on Shadow Moon in capital city of Kor'so'nary and Inudstrial Sector.The shipyards was built and constructed by a head of the Neivoi'ika Shipyards named A'den'ika Joravo'ika.He was born in 3,030 BBY.When he died the shipyard was without their constructed but in 70th BBY another Consturcted came by,his name is miskey'so Korka'he's still a costructer now.

The most popular employer of this shipyards was the head of Lah'ti Spaceport.Neivoi'ika Shipyards have built and constructed a lot of ships for Lah'ti Spaceport.Now still Lah'ti spaceport are ordering ships from Neivoi'ika shipyards.

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